Fayette Solar Project

47.5 MW Solar

The Fayette Solar Project is a 47.5 megawatt (MW) solar development located in Fayette and Highland Counties, Ohio. Fayette Solar will span approximately 450 acres and will be connected to the electric grid via the existing Greenfield Substation. The project is anticipated to positively impact the local economy by producing significant tax revenue, short and long-term jobs, and annual contributions through a charitable fund. Fayette Solar is estimated to offset approximately 67,900 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually during operations – the equivalent of taking an estimated 15,100 cars off the road every year.

Project Benefits

Economic Impact icon
$22.4 million in direct economic impact over first 20 years of operation
$8.5 million in new tax revenue over first 20 years of operation
$190,000 in charitable giving during the first 20 years of operation
79 construction and related service jobs
2 full time operations jobs
67,900 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions offset annually over 20 years of operations
15,100 the equivalent number of cars removed from the road for one year, over 20 years

*Environmental benefits calculated using the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator. Environmental benefits are singular, not additive. Economic benefits calculated based on National Grid Renewables models and current tax law for renewable energy facilities. Economic benefits represent estimated total impact over the first 20 years of operation. All project production, benefits, and amounts are estimates and not guaranteed. Information presented is subject to change.

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