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Our pledge to do the right thing stems from our farmer-founded roots and our commitment to community. We believe that all businesses have a responsibility and duty to be a positive influence on the communities they serve. Through our projects and our business, we strive to make enduring environmental, economic, and social impacts for the betterment of local, national and global communities.

Environmental Impacts

At National Grid Renewables, we understand that renewable energy plays a critical role in providing a sustainable future for generations to come. We know that the decisions we make today will influence the future of our planet and life on earth.

  • Our mission is to leave this world a better place than when we found it.
  • Our leadership is committed to driving a responsible business, including recycling and repurposing, as well as preserving and conserving where possible.
  • Our operating projects make a significant contribution by offsetting carbon dioxide emissions and water usage.
Path through farm field
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Transition to a Clean Energy Future
Horse rider in winter with wind turbine
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Renewable Energy Helps Fund Host Communities

Economic Impacts

We know that renewable energy not only helps drive environmental sustainability, but economic sustainability, as well. Each of our projects provides significant positive economic impact for their host communities.

  • Construction and operations jobs
  • New tax revenue
  • Predictable income for landowners and farmers
  • Increased local spending in project host communities

Social Impacts

Our community-focused values drive our commitment to making sure we play a strong social impact role. Our giveback culture and socially responsible team members are helping to reinvigorate communities where we operate our business and projects.

  • Each of our large-scale operating projects has a dedicated charitable fund that donates annually to local non-profits.
  • Our Community Giving Committee supports communities in need, including disaster relief, education funding, and more.
  • Our staff regularly volunteer their time at food shelves and other local organizations to ensure we’re giving back to those who need it most.
Employee volunteers
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Expanding Access to Education Funding in Ohio

Construction and Operating Project Impacts

Impacts infographic
Impacts infographic

* Environmental benefits calculated using the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator. Environmental benefits are singular, not additive. Environmental benefits represent annual estimated amounts.

** Economic benefits calculated based on National Grid Renewables models, and current tax law for renewable energy facilities. Economic benefits represent estimated total impact over the first 20 years of operation. All project production, benefits and amounts are estimates and not guaranteed.

Data derived from and associated with renewable energy projects under construction or in operation by affiliates of National Grid Renewables. Information presented is subject to change.

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