National Grid Renewables’ unique farmer-friendly and community focused values set us apart from our competitors in the renewable energy industry. We value our long-standing relationships and repeat partnerships with rural American communities and work with the nation’s top construction contractors, manufacturers, and partners to ensure our projects are not only built to the highest of standards, but also benefit their local host community throughout operations.

Farmers, Landowners,
and Community Members

National Grid Renewables has a deep understanding and respect for agriculture and farming practices. While rural areas of our country are battling urban sprawl and economic pressures, National Grid Renewables is committed to building renewable energy projects that provide the opportunities needed to repower rural American communities and economies.

National Grid Renewables is committed to providing each of our project’s landowners and community members with the best information possible, prompt responsiveness, and expert advice. National Grid Renewables’ farmer-friendly and community-focused values ensure that each of our projects is developed, constructed, and operated to benefit the host community and invigorate the local economy.

Construction and
Manufacturing Partners

National Grid Renewables works with world-class construction and manufacturing companies to build safe, high-performance renewable energy projects. As a leader in the renewable energy industry, we pride ourselves on developing, constructing and operating high quality, competitive renewable generation by working with technologically advanced, hardworking partners who are committed to excellence and to the communities that host our projects.

Finance and Investment Partners

National Grid Renewables has strong relationships with major capital providers across the industry, including leading tax equity investors, commercial banks, life insurance companies and other financial investors. Our relationships with these providers, as well as our own honed market knowledge, allow National Grid Renewables to access the correct and lowest cost capital for each project, which in turn drives down the cost of our energy and increases project viability.

Our Projects

National Grid Renewables has a portfolio of wind, solar, and storage projects in development, construction, and operation throughout the United States.

About Us

Headquartered out of Minneapolis, National Grid Renewables is a national leader in renewable energy project development, construction, operations, and ownership.

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