National Grid Renewables develops projects for corporations and utilities that seek to repower America’s energy grid by reigniting local economies and reinvesting in a sustainable, clean energy future. As a forerunner in the renewable energy industry, we work with the country’s top renewable energy purchasers, and we continue to expand our project portfolio across the United States to offer our customers increasingly high quality, competitive renewable generation.


Diversify your portfolio with a partner who understands the value of a true partnership. National Grid Renewables works with regulated investor-owned utilities, member-owned rural electric cooperatives, and public power entities. We develop both distribution and transmission-connected projects, with individual project sizes ranging from 1 megawatt (MW) to over 400 MW.

National Grid Renewables understands our customers’ needs to hedge against volatile fuel prices, manage diversified portfolios, offer competitively-priced renewable energy for ratepayers, and protect their organizations’ bottom lines. To help you achieve your goals, we offer a variety of customized contract structures, including Power Purchase Agreements and more.


National Grid Renewables understands the intricacies and nuances of the corporate renewable energy buyers’ market. Whether your renewable energy goals include an additive procurement or an impactful investment, National Grid Renewables’ corporate purchasing solutions streamline and accelerate corporate procurement of off-site, large-scale renewable energy projects.

National Grid Renewables has worked with corporations, universities, and government organizations in a variety of contract structures, including Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA), Aggregated Renewable Contracts (ARC), and more.

Our Projects

National Grid Renewables has a portfolio of wind, solar, and storage projects in development, construction, and operation throughout the United States.

About Us

Headquartered out of Minneapolis, National Grid Renewables is a national leader in renewable energy project development, construction, operations, and ownership.

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Cordi O Hara

Cordi O'Hara

Chair of the National Grid Renewables Board & President, National Grid Ventures

In her role as President of National Grid Ventures (NGV), Cordi is responsible for the development, financing, construction and operation of large-scale energy assets, including: electricity interconnectors; LNG storage and regasification; onshore wind and solar generation; and competitive transmission.

Prior to joining NGV, Cordi was Chief Operating Officer, US Gas Business for National Grid; where she was accountable for the safe, reliable and affordable operation of National Grid’s gas distribution businesses across the New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island service territories on behalf of the company’s 3.6 million customers.

Cordi also ran the UK System Operator for National Grid, where she oversaw the strategy, planning and operation of over 14,000 miles of gas and electricity networks in Great Britain. In her tenure in this role she integrated over 14 GW of renewable, clean energy into the UK system. She has advocated for innovative solutions to a decarbonized energy market, including clean technology solutions and new demand response initiatives.

Cordi became a fellow of the UK Energy Institute in 2016, acknowledging her significant experience in UK and European energy markets and networks, and was awarded an OBE in 2019.

Cordi has more than 20 years’ experience in the energy industry, managing key relationships with government officials, regulators and customers. She has overseen transformation efforts to improve the customer experience across the National Grid businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom. Prior to joining National Grid, Cordi worked for Centrica, the largest UK energy retailer, in a variety of commercial and operational roles; including serving 11 million customer accounts in the United Kingdom.

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