Building Belonging: Pride ERG Ushers in Inclusive Community and Conversations

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In this ever-evolving landscape of our fast-paced business world, cultivating community within our workplace is vital to our employees’ health. National Grid Renewables’ newest Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG) was born out of this need to formally recognize and foster an inclusive culture of belonging for our LGBTQ+ community and beyond. This new ERG chapter is one of many examples of National Grid Renewables embracing, valuing, and celebrating diversity.

Pride Employee Resource Group

Let’s Start from the Beginning

My journey with Pride ERG began with the incredible invitation to lead the group. While I’ve only been with National Grid Renewables for a year, I was honored to have the opportunity to guide and create this network that supports LGBTQ+ colleagues, allies, friends and family. Needless to say, it was easy for me to accept the role.

Although new to National Grid Renewables, we already see Pride ERG’s impact in and out of the workplace. Our official launch was a hybrid event this past October, with more than 50 people in attendance. With 25 members already part of Pride ERG and a developing board representative of who the group is, we’re excited to see Pride ERG becoming something genuinely impactful.  

Building a Foundation of Belonging

At National Grid Renewables, we’re constantly inspired by our people and everything they do. So, it’s no surprise that they were the driving force behind Pride ERG. They knew we needed a community where people felt like themselves and where safe, supportive, and thought-provoking conversations surrounding the LGBTQ+ community could occur.

We also value and embrace an environment of learning. Pride ERG is a source of education for people at all levels. Through informative (and fun!) events, luncheons, conferences, and career fairs, we aim to establish inclusive spaces where people feel comfortable engaging in conversations on topics surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. We’re here to recognize the past and current impacts on the LGBTQ+ community, so we expect to balance the positive and negative and invite everyone into the oftentimes difficult conversation. 

We hope each of Pride ERG members feel welcome to take up space, feel at home in these conversations and at events, and know that they’re supported through their learning, growth, and participation in the group.

Pride Employee Resource Group

Transgender Awareness Week and Beyond

In November, PRIDE ERG participated in Transgender Awareness Week— the seven days leading to Transgender Day of Remembrance. On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we collectively took the time to read aloud the nearly 400 names of individuals who had died or been killed globally over the last year due to transgender violence. It was an incredibly impactful event that garnered vulnerable conversations. Recognizing events like this is an integral part of the LGBTQ+ community. As much as we celebrate the positive and all the progress we have made, there is still much to do. As we look forward, we’re already considering ways to partner with National Grid PRIDE and how to celebrate this year’s PRIDE. These, along with other opportunities, are all ways people can take part in PRIDE ERG.

In creating Pride ERG, we knew we wanted to find a better way to do the right thing for our people. As we continue to grow and plan for the future, we look for creative and inclusive ways to expand our reach, create genuine connections, and build a community of belonging—making sure our National Grid Renewables’ values are at the forefront of all we do. 

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