Goldfinch Solar

At the request of the Mason County Joint Planning Commission, pursuant to KRS 278.704, representatives of Goldfinch Solar, LLC, a subsidiary of National Grid Renewables, will hold a public meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to inform interested parties of the extent of the project being considered.

Public Information Meeting Details

Location: Maysville Community and Technical College Fields Lobby 1755 U.S. Highway 68, Maysville, KY 41056
Attendees should use Parking Lot C
Date: Wednesday, August 11th, 2021
Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Attendees may come and go as they please during this time period.

Project Overview

The Goldfinch Solar Project is an up to 250 megawatt (MW) solar development located in Mason County, Kentucky. Goldfinch would span approximately 2,000 acres and will be connected to the North Clark County-Hugh L Spurlock 345 kV Line. The project is anticipated to positively impact the environment, as well as the local economy by producing tax revenue, jobs, and contributions through a charitable fund. Goldfinch is estimated to offset approximately 379,000* metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually during operations – the equivalent of taking an estimated 82,000* cars off the road every year.

Project Details

Goldfinch Solar will provide energy and capacity for the transmission network. Goldfinch will likely provide a cost effective alternative to fossil fuels. Goldfinch’s project footprint will consist of approximately 2,000 acres signed under agreement and has ideal conditions for solar energy generation.

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Project Specifications

Operational Capacity Up to 250MW
Location Mason County, KY
Anticipated Commerical Operation Date 2025
Project Phone Number 952.988.9000

*Calculations based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) JEDI Model, EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator and current Kentucky tax for solar facilities. All calculations are derived using the anticipated project size of 250 MW. All data, benefits and calculations are subject to change.

About National Grid Renewables

National Grid Renewables, which includes the renewables development company formerly known as Geronimo Energy, is a leading North American renewable energy company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with satellite offices located throughout multiple states in the regions where it develops, constructs, and operates renewable energy projects. As a farmer-friendly and community focused company, National Grid Renewables develops projects for corporations and utilities that seek to repower America’s grid by reigniting local economies and reinvesting in a sustainable future. National Grid Renewables is part of the competitive, unregulated Ventures division of National Grid and has a portfolio of solar, wind, and paired energy storage projects located throughout the United States in various stages of development, construction and operations.

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