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The most knowledgeable minds in clean energy join ACP’s CLEANPOWER event to chart the future of this powerful industry and discuss the opportunities ahead. This is the must-attend conference of the year. CLEANPOWER grows businesses by gathering key decision makers and stakeholders across the wind, solar, storage, hydrogen, and transmission industries for discussion, deal making, networking and a whole lot of fun. 

We’re calling all manufacturers, construction firms, owner operators, utilities, financial firms, corporate buyers and sector members to join our landmark event. Mark your calendar to join us next year in Minneapolis, MN May 6-9 at the most anticipated clean energy trade show of the year. 

Panel Discussion: Financing Projects in ERCOT in the Post-IRA Era

Uri fundamentally changed the project finance market in ERCOT, and the Inflation Reduction Act tax provisions are likely to have even more profound effects. The project terms that sponsors, equity investors, tax equity and lenders are seeking are extremely different now. This panel will examine what makes a project financeable in the market today, including:  

  • Where is the capital flowing? How are IRA incentives helping various types of projects pencil out?
  • What changes can be expected in the tax equity market?
  • What impacts are the new transferability provisions in the Act having on financial structures?
  • Where does the transferability market for tax equity stand today?
  • Will financiers have an increased appetite for standalone storage projects?
  • Will standalone storage projects in ERCOT have difficulties penciling out for construction loans?
  • Are balance concentration issues affecting lender appetite?
  • Are changes in credit structures being seen as a result of the changing tenor of offtake agreements?

Panel: Meeting Resource Adequacy Needs—Establishing an Effective and Economic Backstop Reliability Service

Wednesday, February 22 | 10:00-11:00 am

In the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri policymakers rightly focused much of their attention on assuring reliability. The recently formed Reliability Markets Committee is poised to make recommendations on how to address long-term concerns through developing a new dynamic, flexible service to address specific reliability needs not met by ERCOT’s real-time and ancillary services markets. This would be used to procure both new and existing dispatchable resources to help prevent emergency conditions. This panel will explore:

  • How will seasonal net load variability, low-probability/high-impact scenarios be addressed?
  • What specific minimum and maximum start-time and duration requirements should be met?
  • What non-performance penalties and claw back of payment for noncompliance are being considered?
  • Can generation resources that will truly serve as a backstop be deployed without negatively impacting real-time energy prices?
  • How will these provisions interact with other long-term market design enhancements?
  • Does ERCOT need a new reliability paradigm?


  • Ian Haley, Senior Director, ERCOT Regulatory Policy, VISTRA
  • Kevin Hanson, Principal Analyst – Strategy Development, NATIONAL GRID
  • Katie Rich, Manager, Regulatory & Market Advocacy, GOLDEN SPREAD ELECTRIC COOP

Meet a Member of Our Team at the Conference!

Sanjay Bhasin

Sanjay Bashin

Vice President, Origination

Saxon McKinven

Saxon McKinven

Senior Manager, Origination

Paul Bachmuth

Paul Bachmuth

Senior Director of Origination

Niko Druzhinin

Niko Druzhinin

Senior Development Manager

Ryan Butterfield

Ryan Butterfield

Director, Storage

Naga Kota

Kiran Kota (Naga)

Director - Transmission, ERCOT

Jay Peterson

Jay Peterson

Senior Director - Asset Management

Kier Oxnard

Kier Oxnard

Asset Management Analyst

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john larkey
John K. Larkey
Vice President, Power Marketing, NATIONAL GRID RENEWABLES

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