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Sustainable (adj): to maintain, uphold and defend; to be profitable.

As a renewable energy company, National Grid Renewables takes the word “sustainable” seriously, and we know that every company arrives at the decision to invest in sustainability differently. We believe that renewable energy is an important part of a holistic business model, and as part of that model, we want to help you maintain, uphold, defend and profit from your decision to be sustainable.

We understand that you need to maintain budgets and work within restraints specific to your industry, which is why we offer unique terms, flexible contract lengths and competitive rates.

We know that you need to uphold your company’s promises to investors, consumers and employees by cutting costs and increasing profit. Renewable energy projects not only offer a way to hedge your future electricity costs, but your company could also see an immediate profit with a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement. And, with our team of experts and multi-gigawatt project portfolio, you won’t find a better partner to stand beside you and your stakeholders.

We agree that the decisions you make must be defensible when scrutinized against your company’s bottom line and core values, which is why we make sure your investment not only makes financial sense, but also social sense. We listen to your needs and match you with one of our new, additive projects to ensure we’re meeting your electric load requirements, considering your location and timeline needs, and adhering to your company’s mission.

We believe that the time is now to make “sustainability” a key piece of the “sustainable business model”. Let’s make an actionable plan to maintain, uphold, defend and profit from that decision.

Together, let’s renew the true definition of “sustainable”.

Corporate Power Purchasing Expertise

National Grid Renewables believes in the value of relationships, and we are proud of the strong partnerships we’ve built with our corporate customers, utilities, local governments, communities and landowners. We routinely go beyond partner expectations, which has led to a strong history of repeat business.

We are also advocates for rebuilding rural America. National Grid Renewables strongly believes that we are not only a renewable energy company, but also a rural economic development company. Each of our project communities is important to us, and we reinvest in these towns and cities through tax revenue, landowner income, job creation, and charitable giving. The care we take to become active members of the communities in which we develop results in strong support for our projects and fierce local brand advocates, which stays with the project throughout development, construction and operation.

Unique to National Grid Renewables, for every large-scale wind or solar project that commences operation, we offer charitable giving funds with up to 20 years of charitable giving committed to the local project community.

Farmer-Friendly, Community Focused

National Grid Renewables, which includes the renewables development company formerly known as Geronimo Energy, was founded with deep roots in agriculture and an understanding and respect for farming practices. While rural areas of our country are battling urban sprawl and economic pressures, National Grid Renewables is committed to building renewable energy projects that provide the opportunities needed to repower rural American communities and economies.

National Grid Renewables is committed to providing each of our project’s landowners and community members with the best information possible, prompt responsiveness, and expert advice.

National Grid Renewables’ farmer-friendly and community-driven approach ensures that each of our projects is developed to benefit the host community and invigorate the local economy.

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