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National Grid Renewables is paving the way for a clean energy future. From water conservation, to protecting natural resources and reducing carbon emissions, we strive do go above and beyond to protect the land our projects are built on, because we know the environment is everything.

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In recognition of American Clean Power Week 2022, our team hosted a two-day event with customers, partners, and community members which included a tour of our Yellowbud Solar Project and the First Solar Manufacturing Plant. Visitors were able to get a first-hand glimpse at the making of a solar project and the economic benefits that these projects provide at the national, state and local level.

Celebrating Economic Benefits of Solar Energy: American Clean Power Week 2022
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Meet the staff of National Grid Renewables, the team that is repowering America and reigniting local economies while building a clean, fair and affordable energy future for all.

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Local government representatives and officials discuss the benefits of contracting for renewable energy and hosting renewable energy projects in their communities.

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National Grid Renewables has a portfolio of wind, solar, and storage projects in development, construction, and operation throughout the United States.

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Our team of experts are located throughout multiple states in the regions where we develop, construct, and operate projects.

Newsroom/videos-Community Funds?

This wind-focused video explains what wind farm community funds are and how current project communities are using these charitable funds to do “good” in National Grid Renewables’ (formerly known as Geronimo Energy) wind farm footprints.

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Community members, business owners and local officials in a previous wind development describe the positive economic impacts the project has brought to their community, including new tax revenue for infrastructure and schools, job creation and an influx of spending at local businesses.

Newsroom/videos-The Local Economic

Landowners, officials, and community members who live near National Grid Renewables’ (formerly known as Geronimo Energy) solar energy projects speak about the positive economic impacts solar energy projects provide their hometowns, including tax revenue, landowner income and electric cost savings.

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