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James Simmons

James Simmons,
EHS Training Program Manager

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Before he transitioned to his new role as EHS Training Program Manager, James Simmons, James Simmons worked as a wind technician at our Crocker Wind Farm in Clark County, South Dakota. Step into his shoes as James takes us on a behind-the-scenes journey through a day in his life as a wind technician.

A Day in the Life of a Wind Technician
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Meet the staff of National Grid Renewables, the team that is repowering America and reigniting local economies while building a clean, fair and affordable energy future for all.

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We’re repowering America, reigniting local economies, and reinvesting in a sustainable future. We develop, construct, and operate renewable energy projects throughout the United States. Learn how we’re helping to create a clean, fair and affordable energy future for all.

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