Rollout of new National Grid Renewables brand emphasizes the important role renewable energy will play in the company’s efforts to decarbonize the energy system.

Newsroom/news-Alliant Energy to Acquire

North Rock Solar anticipated to begin operation in 2022 and will bring economic benefits to local and Wisconsin state economies.

Newsroom/news-Community Fund Established

The Crocker Community Fund will receive an estimated ~$40,000 per year for 20 years – ~$800,000 total – in local charitable funding.

Newsroom/news-Michigan Solar Portfolio

MiSolar, a 40 MW solar portfolio, estimated to power 8,000 Michigan homes and offset CO2 emissions by 50,000 metric tons annually.

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Unbridled Solar, 160 MW MISO solar project, is located in Henderson and Webster Counties, KY and estimated to enter operations in 2023.

wind turbine field 1.1

Hear directly from community members and landowners about why they choose to work with National Grid Renewables, formerly known as Geronimo Energy, and what makes their experience working with National Grid Renewables unique and mutually beneficial.

Newsroom/videos-card-Charitable Benefits

The green energy and sustainability benefits that wind energy projects provide aren’t the only positive impacts wind farms offer. Listen to community members in the Crocker Wind Farm in Clark County, South Dakota speak about the Crocker Community Fund, a charitable fund that supports local organizations and neighbors.

Newsroom/videos-card-Crocker Wind Farm

National Grid Renewables, formerly known as Geronimo Energy, celebrates its Crocker Wind Farm with community members, landowners and project partners. Crocker Wind Farm will contribute significant tax revenue for the local and state economies, as well create new construction and long-term permanent jobs.

single wind turbine and many cow

On August 13, 2019, National Grid Renewables, formerly known as Geronimo Energy, hosted a celebration event for the Crocker Wind Farm, a wind energy project located in Clark County, South Dakota. Community members, landowners and project partners were all in attendance.

Newsroom/videos-Colleges and Universities

In this candid interview, hear what St. John’s University says about working with our company and how they’re incorporating renewable energy procurement into their overall sustainability and education goals.

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