Solar + Wind Finance & Investment Summit


Infocast’s Solar Power Finance & Investment and Wind Power Finance & Investment have combined in 2022 to create a powerful networking event for top-level renewables and finance executives. The unified Solar + Wind Finance & Investment Summit will gather the top industry leaders, experts and decision makers to get the latest update on the finance and investment landscape, gain insights into market trends and network with other industry participants. 

Panel: Renewable Energy Provider Perspectives on Market Changes

Hear from a panel of experts in the renewable energy industry – including our very own Dan Rodriguez, Director of Origination – about recent changes to market rules and how they could impact operating costs and supply chain issues.

The panel will examine:

• How are developers handling pricing uncertainty?
• Will ERCOT see the advent of a California-style duck curve?
• Wind assets lost a lot of money in the freeze. Have they recovered? What does this mean for wind in Texas?
• Are they still seeing impacts from steel, copper and other commodity price increases?
• Are tariffs and trade restrictions having an impact on supply chains and costs?

Full List of Panelists:

Mike Danielson, Vice President, BAYWA R.E. AMERICAS
Mike Kelly, Senior Vice President, TRI GLOBAL ENERGY
Vitaly Lee, Head of Development, Q CELLS USA CORP.
Dan Rodriguez, Director, Origination, NATIONAL GRID RENEWABLES

Meet a Member of Our Team at the Conference!

Sanjay Bhasin

Vice President, Origination

Peter Cooper

Sr. Director - Business Strategy

Roger Johanson

Vice President, Project Finance

Matt Carson

Senior Financial Analyst

Drew Terwilliger

Vice President - Commercial

Hashim Rizvi

Sr Finance Director

Patrick Smith

Senior Director, Project Delivery

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