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The 19th annual REFF Wall Street 2022 conference which will once again gather the entire value chain, including investors, developers, government, banks, law firms & policymakers to evaluate key trends and innovations transforming the industry. This includes: 

  • Hear how inflation and supply chain constraints are impacting project pipelines, the bankability of projects, and how to bulletproof your business
  • Hear how the financial markets are evolving to gain access to the lowest cost of funding
  • Understand how to structure new technologies such as hydrogen and how to appropriate risks
  • Stay ahead of PPA trends and identify how PPAs must evolve to meet today’s market needs 
  • Gain insights on what policy support is expected for the renewable energy sector
  • Join the debate on how the markets should be structured and regulated to meet net carbon and capacity needs
  • Hear solutions to industry headwinds such as transmission, distribution, interconnectivity, and storage

Meet a Member of Our Team at the Conference!

Drew Terwilliger

Vice President, Commercial

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