National Grid Renewables is repowering America by reigniting local economies and reinvesting in a sustainable, clean energy future.

Geronimo Energy is now National Grid Renewables

In 2019, we announced that Geronimo Energy, LLC was acquired by National Grid Ventures, the unregulated arm of National Grid. As a forerunner in the renewable energy industry, we value our long-standing relationships with nationwide electric cooperatives, and their mission of powering communities and empowering members to improve the quality of their lives – and we think it’s important to communicate that although our name is changing, what has always been behind our name remains the same.

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Company Values

Our name has changed but our values are stronger than ever

Make it happen

Do the right thing

Find a better way

Focus on community

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Let's Work Together

National Grid Renewables works with electric cooperatives throughout the United States on custom renewable energy solutions. We recognize the intricacies involved in electric cooperative and Generation and Transmission (G&T) contracts – your partnership structure is always a consideration when customizing projects. We are committed to working with you, whether a G&T provider or a distribution cooperative. We want to work with you, your board of directors, and your community in order to educate them on the value of renewable energy throughout the supply and demand chains.

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