A Shared Commitment to Safety and Community—National Grid Renewables Teams up with Watertown Fire and Rescue

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Marcus Sattler

Marcus Sattler
Plant Manager – Crocker

Zach Chamberlain

Zach Chamberlain
Environmental, Health and Safety Manager

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We live in a world where challenges are inevitable, but more often than not, when problems arise, you see the community come together. When a situation occurred for South Dakota’s Clark County emergency response team, Watertown Fire and Rescue stepped in to take over emergency services. With a safety-first initiative, the National Grid Renewables and GE site personnel teamed up with Watertown Fire and Rescue to tackle it with care and precision.

Bridging the gap for enhanced emergency response

Our critical collaboration with Watertown Fire and Rescue began with an initial meetup to get to know the team and establish a foundation of trust and camaraderie. Safety for everyone involved, from site workers to emergency responders, was at the forefront of our minds. The proactive introduction established a focused emergency response plan for the wind farm and beyond.

Fire and Rescue team member

In the immersive half-day training session, our National Grid Renewables and GE site personnel team shared our site emergency action plan, demonstrated practical onsite rescue equipment, and engaged in insightful discussions about day-to-day operations and various rescue scenarios. The collaborative spirit extended as Watertown Fire and Rescue shared their emergency response expertise and demonstrated their knowledge of confined space rescue with us. 

Their dedication to safety and ensuring emergency responders are fully equipped was evident. The entire experience began a valuable partnership with the Watertown Fire and Rescue that we are excited to grow and deepen.

Going the extra mile

An incident at one of our wind farm sites underscored Watertown’s Fire and Rescue challenges of locating people and places during emergencies. Within the broader context of community safety, we understood how important it was for us to invest in all Clark County residents. Recognizing technology’s critical role in advancing emergency responses, we invested in a cutting-edge mapping system for the team. This investment equips the emergency response team to navigate emergencies efficiently, making sure our wind farm site and the community as a whole are taken care of.

National Grid Renewables teams up with Watertown Fire and Rescue

Our ongoing commitment to safety

Safety isn’t just a checkbox for us at National Grid Renewables. It’s about empowering and equipping everyone to handle site emergencies confidently and precisely.

Going forward, our teams’ commitment to safety and community fuels our continued safety and preparedness initiatives. It emphasizes our belief that safety is a necessity for everyone.

We are excited to continue collaborating and partnering with Watertown Fire and Rescue and other emergency services.

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