Lakeside Solar Project

About the Project

The Lakeside Solar Project is projected to be up to a 200 megawatt (MW) solar development project located in Muskegon County, Michigan. Lakeside will span approximately 1,700 acres and will be connected to the Du Pont – Cobb Transmission Line.

Lakeside Solar is anticipated to positively impact the environment, as well as the local economy by producing tax revenue, jobs, and contributions through a charitable fund.

Project Details
Lakeside Solar will provide energy and capacity for the transmission network and will connect to the electric grid at the Du Pont – Cobb Transmission Line. The project’s footprint will consist of approximately 1,700 acres signed under agreement and has ideal conditions for solar energy generation.


Project Specifications

Operational Capacity Up to 200 MW
Location White River Township, Michigan
Anticipated Commercial Operation Date 2025
Project Email [email protected]

Estimated Project Benefits

*Calculations based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) JEDI Model, EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator and current Michigan tax for solar facilities. Subject to change.

Estimated Project Acreage 1,700 acres in Muskegon County
Estimated Local Economic Benefits $74 million in local benefits like taxes and landowner payments over the 25-year life of the project
Estimated CO2 Emissions Avoided 213,850 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually during operations – equivalent to removing an estimated 46,200 cars off of the road every year.
Charitable Fund $800,000 over 20 years, or up to $40,000 annually

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