International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day, we'd like to introduce you to our outstanding female employees. And don’t forget to expand your professional network by connecting with each of them on LinkedIn.

Amanda Stallings

Senior Regulatory Manager

Working in the renewable energy industry allows me the opportunity to provide a cleaner tomorrow for our children and their children after that. It means shaping the way we think about energy, and creating a diversified portfolio for a stronger grid.

Amber Miller

Permitting Specialist

For me, it feels like an opportunity to help reduce carbon emissions and improve our planet. Having lived & worked in St. Louis which was a non-attainment area for the clean air act, I experienced first-hand what that does for peoples’ health and well-being, as well as the impact on the environment. Taking the climate crisis seriously and doing all I can, is the least I can do. Working for a company that I feel furthers that goal is important to me.

Betsy Engelking

Vice President, Policy and Strategy

The renewable industry is constantly changing and provides a challenging and creative workspace to meet the desires of our customers and policymakers. In addition, the workers in this industry are more diverse than the traditional electric power industry, offering more growth and leadership roles for women. I especially enjoy working with our future women leaders to impart my experiences in the workplace and the industry, and I’m excited to see women assume important roles and greater leadership in the company. I may not see the day when there are lines at the women’s restroom during RTO stakeholder meetings, but I feel sure they are coming!

Carissa Brady

Director, Human Resources

I’ve always wanted to work in the renewables space and am thrilled to be able to fulfill that desire at National Grid Renewables. The work I do every day means something. It has a tangible outcome to the world in which my kids and grandkids will live in some day. I supporting and developing people who literally make a real difference for our environment and the communities in which we work.

Erin Heimkes

Senior Recruiter

Working in renewable energy is more than just a job for me, the work I do contributes to a healthier and safer future.

Gemma Smith

Director, of EHS & Training

Working in renewables means that I get to work in a field that is new, constantly changing and improving, and is part of a bigger global solution to many of the challenges we face today. Not only that, but I get to work with people (within NG Renewables and within our partners, contractors and vendors) that truly care about what we all collectively do. We all tend to be working for way more than just a paycheck which makes it enjoyable to work.

Heather Droel

Director, Human Resources

I am very proud to be working in the renewable energy industry. It gives me the opportunity to work with others who are also very passionate about renewable energy and to do a small part to make a big difference for the world.

Jenny Monson-Miller

Permitting Specialist

I was working in another industry right after college graduation, and while it was fascinating and I enjoyed the day-to-day work, I didn’t ultimately see a future in a career path that wasn’t directly focused on the defining challenge for my generation and all foreseeable future generations. Even on days when I’m feeling overwhelmed in my work, knowing that our industry is making an impact in limiting the worst effects of climate change is highly motivating and fulfilling.

Kara Heffelbower (Bakke)


In my role I get to work daily with the landowners and communities that make up our projects. I am appreciative of the working relationships created during project development. It is rewarding to personally know and be a part of the positive impacts our projects have to families, farmers, local governments, school districts, and more.

Katie Rick

Contract Marketing Associate

Working in the renewable energy industry for me means that my work is making a meaningful difference not only to the planet and environment, but also to the individuals within the communities we have projects.

Laura Vaughan

Senior Director of Real Estate

Working in the renewable energy industry is something that makes me proud. It feels good to go to work each day knowing that you are doing something that is good for the environment and that it is making a difference for future generations.

Lindsay T. Smith

Director, Marketing & Communications

I love coming to work every day knowing that I get to work with driven, brilliant colleagues – and together, we’re making a meaningful difference in so many lives by developing and operating projects that don’t just combat climate change, but also provide significant economic benefits for American farmers and local community members.

Lindsey Hesch

Senior Permitting Specialist

I am privileged to get up every day to work on something I truly believe in – helping to meet our country’s energy infrastructure needs responsibly, and having fun while doing it!


Melissa Schmit

Director, Permitting

I value working in renewable energy because it is a fast-paced and evolving industry which allows for opportunities to innovate process so we can deliver timely clean energy that benefits local communities.

Michelle Segal

Chief of Staff

Renewable energy is growing at a tremendous rate. It’s an exciting industry to be in and our projects obviously provide significant environmental benefits. I love that at the end of a long work day, I can take a step back and know that my contribution, and our organization’s contribution as a whole, is socially responsible and striving to make the planet a better place.

Raleigh Miller

Senior Manager Talent Acquisition

I am proud to work for a product and a company that benefits both local communities but more importantly the world. While others are just catching on, National Grid Renewables has cared about this work and mission for many years and have paved the way for a real change.

Robyn Smith

Contract Recruiter

It means I’m helping to create change. I’m working toward a better tomorrow….not only for myself, but for my children…..and that is PRICELESS!!!!

Sarah Johnson

Executive Assistant

There is a calming sense of pride that my personal energy is used for a company whose output is doing something positive for the environment and society. Because solar and wind energy are not producing air-pollution emissions, we are combating climate change; therefore, decreasing the threats to our society’s health, which means that we can all breathe a little easier.

Sarah Eberly


The ability to re-inject millions of dollars into rural community revenue streams, like the ones that raised me. Renewable energy offers people with land-based revenue optionality and financial predictability in what they produce on their property. At each level of involvement, renewable energy development means the opportunity to give back. At the personal level, renewable energy development gives a 90 year old woman the opportunity to support her husband’s medical bills throughout hospice care. At the community level, taking farmed ground temporarily out of production allows fallowed soils the time they need to regenerate while still allowing landowners to make an income from the property. At the surrounding farm community level, selectively reducing supply of crops like corn and soybeans creates increases demand, allowing the potential for higher value per bushel. At the state level, renewable energy allows state citizens the choice to generate their own electricity within their own state – every ray of sun and gust of wind produces homegrown energy in our very backyards. It’s a privilege to work in an industry that gives power back to the people.


Achieving gender equality in the workforce requires the engagement of women and men, executives and associates; it is everyone’s responsibility. In a traditionally male-dominated industry, National Grid Renewables is committed to being a leader in female empowerment. Thirty percent of our management team are women and we are dedicated to growing this number every year. Want to learn more? Apply for our open roles today.


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